Watching Jake’s Women

Yesterday Greg and I watched Jake’s Women, a Neil Simon play at the local Pavilion Theatre in nearby Castle Hill, staged by the Castle Hill Players.

It was our first visit to the intimate (ie. small with a country-feel to it) theatre, having heard about it from the 2CCR radio community diary which I happen to maintain as a volunteer.

The play itself hardly needs any introduction for those who know other Neil Simon plays such as The Odd Couple, Goodbye Girl, Biloxi Blues and many, many more.  It’s a romantic comedy about a writer and the women in his life who help him resolve his issues.  The flyer says “the play is set in Jake’s Soho (New York) apartment and his mind,” which gives you a hint of the witty monologues and dialogues in this almost 2-hour play.  And the entire cast in their New York accent (!) was just brilliant.

Greg and I are definitely going to be on the watch for other plays by this mob.   A real bargain for $25 per.  For the rest of this year’s season schedule, click here.






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